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Yvette St. Amant Art Supplies Bundle

Yvette St. Amant Art Supplies Bundle

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This product line has been created with careful attention to detail and quality. Of note is the premium quality of acrylic paints which underwent an extensive testing process to ensure single coat coverage with high pigment, versatility of use as a full body paint, mixing capability with water for a watercolor effect, and a high tolerance in low and high temperatures to ensure longevity. We think you’ll agree when you have it in your hands!


  • 14 Color Tropic Vibe Paint Box (60ml Bottles)
  • Premium 8 Piece Brush Set
  • 30 sheet Watercolor Paper Notepad
  • Printed Canvas Travel Tote bag for Paints
  • BONUS: 24 Recorded FREE Demos with Yvette!
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